The Combo : 5 surf lessons + 5 days of material Rentals

5 surfing sessions in group lessons + equipment rental (board, leash and combination) over the 5-day period (the 5 days must be consecutive).

The duration of the sessions is two hours. Practice in a group of up to 8 people, supervised by a qualified instructor.

The choice of dates of the internship is subject to availability. In high season it is necessary to book at least one week in advance; in low season a few days may be enough.

Courses are calibrated according to many parameters such as tides, wave conditions and ages and levels of other participants so as to make homogeneous groups, so we will contact you in the week before your classes to give you schedules.

In case of dangerous weather conditions, we postpone classes. Classes are not canceled if it rains. A reserved and canceled course less than 48 hours in advance is.

The practice of surfing, as part of a rental equipment, is under your sole responsibility.

An identity document will be required as a deposit, and returned at the end of 5 days when the equipment will be brought back in good condition.

Will be settled in case of damage to property: Broken drift: 20 euros, board damaged or broken: between 50 and 400 euros depending on the damage and the value of the board.

The material is to bring clean, without sand; brushes and water basins are available to clean boards and combinations.

A deposit is to be paid upon booking; the balance is to be paid on the first day of the  lesson (we don’t accept credit card).


Chose the date of the 1st session

Date of the 1st session

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