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Who said you couldn’t combine pleasure, security and technique?

Tripadvisor Excellence Surf School
(It's not in our habits, but we have the right to show off a little!)

Surf school in Le Porge, France (Gironde). Since 2010. Certificate of Excellence TripAdvisor.

The Porge ocean, in the Gironde, is a small piece of heaven. While surfing here you will enjoy an exceptional and remote place. You can learn surfing, live the unique experience of a surf camp and rejuvenate, with family or friends.

Because so Nice Surf School is above all a big family, we will welcome you with great pleasure among us. Fun and technique! That’s what we offer you. The so Nice teachers will teach you the basics to progress quickly. They will also give you more technical explanations to put your first tricks on the wave.

Join the Family!

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."

Phil Edwards
American surfer

The Team

The So Nice team

James, a certified Surf instructor at the Porge


. With state accreditations in surf teaching and swim teaching, he has more than 15 years of experience and solid teaching methods. Kids or adults, he knows how to make everyone feel good with a good sense of humor. The legend says that his humor would have pedagogical virtues: The Apprentice surfers would progress at lightning speed thanks to him!


. If it was necessary to summarize the personality of Roman in a few words it would be: “There is no problem, only solutions”. His legendary Zen and optimism are no longer to be proved. .


Dans la famille, So Nice, je voudrais : la jeunesse. Vous le verrez arriver dans son van aménagé ou sur son fat bike, souvent à la dernière minute, mais toujours fidèle au poste !  Titulaire de l’International Surfing Accreditation et du BNSSA, il connait très bien les spots espagnols et néozélandais pour y avoir beaucoup surfé, et n’est pas à court de projets de voyage !

Solen, surf beach Le Porge


. A worthy representative of the “Girl Power”, she will welcome you at the surf school in her hammock! She will answer your questions and find a solution to all your little worries. Are you still wondering who is behind the organization and management of all this small world? Don’t look anymore! .

Surf school Lacanau

"You don't know the Porge ocean or our surfing school yet? Why don't you join us?

— The So Nice team

They're happy to have joined us !


A week of surfing with exceptional teachers (pedagogues, patients and soothing), all in a wild and preserved natural environment.

All the ingredients are gathered to give you the desire to persevere and continue to invest in this beautiful discipline that is surfing.

sejour surf adulte
Thibaud B.
34 years old

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